About Me

A Natural Clairvoyant Intuitive Medium, I’ve been speaking with spirits. Since the age of 3, and having dreams of past or future events whether from my life or someone else’s and each dream has come true, I’ve made predictions which some have been validated, I’ve worked with law enforcement including the FIB, I’ve helped locate missing or stolen items, as well as help, provide assistance in missing persons situations, I am also able to connect with a person’s spirit guides and angels to give guidance in various areas ranging from love/romance, to career/work/money, to connecting with a deceased loved one, to also understanding how your past life is affecting your present day life. I help you to understand if your having a call to service, I help you to understand if you are experiencing intuitive abilities and how to embrace those.

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Do you need answers whether your ex is coming back into your life? Are you stuck unable to find your soulmate? Are you unsure of which career path to take? Are you needing closure with a loved one who’s passed away? I will connect with your spirit guides, your angels, and can connect with your loved ones in spirit to give you answers to those questions, I will help you look into your past life, your energy surrounding your current situation, and take a glimpse into the energy surrounding your probable future, call me, let’s take a look.

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48 years.






Psychic fairs and public demonstrations at the Intuitive Connection,
Reiki Level 2 healer.

All Specialties & Abilities:

Life Coach
Angel Cards
Angel Messages
Card Reader
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Deceased Loved Ones
Energy Sender
Life Path
Lost People / Objects
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Spiritual Guide

This is what happens when I communicate with spirits of those who have passed:

Some mediums say they can “turn off”, I’m a Natural medium so spirit communicates with me all the time, there’s no “turning off” but with the guidance and shielding of my spirit guides I’m able to ask that spirit to wait until I’m able to allow their message to be fully heard, unless there’s an issue of someone’s safety then I listen immediately. When a spirit connects with me I almost feel like a balloon being filled with helium, the spirit shows me the person the message is for, then they give me impressions, usually visual, that only the person the message is intended for would know, they show me how they passed away and I sometimes feel it in my body, but my spirit guides shield me from any pain or trauma, then they give their message. I never ask for a spirit to appear.