About Me

I give guidance and clarity to get to the truth and I can see deep into any issue. Love, relationships, soulmates, twin flames, soul mission, career guidance and trauma are my specialties. I am a tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual advisor, medium, and energy coach. My astrology chart readings give accurate future predictions that I can pinpoint to specific dates in time as well as provide an indepth understanding of the self including past lives and your overall soul mission. I can also do accurate relationship compatibility astrology chart readings to help you determine if this relationship is meant to be or not. I also give spiritual advisement and help with energy-related healing. I can advise on spiritual issues including deceased loved ones, as well as ghosts and entities. I provide inspirational support and am here to help with any question or issue. My guidance will help you understand your destiny.

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What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

In my readings I start with a tarot card spread to give me clarity on the issues or energies. Then I pull up my clients personal astrology chart determined by date of birth. I am able to see the past and present influences at hand and determine the future outcome of the issues or questions of my client with my astrology expertise. Advice and guidance comes to me from spirit throughout the reading that I present along with my predictions. No matter what the issue or trouble at hand I can provide uplifting support that will help.

More About Me


22 years.






I have a bachelors degree in philosophy and anthropology, specializing in metaphysics, kundalini yoga and the chakra system. I am an experienced astrologer and have been reading tarot cards for 20 years. I am well educated on energy work such as reiki, crystal healing and knowledge of the spiritual realm.

All Specialties & Abilities:

Life Coach
Astral Energy
Astrology Charts
Card Reader
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Deceased Loved Ones
Dream Analyst
Energy Sender
Life Path
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Past Lives
Spiritual Guide

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

I first discovered I was psychic when dreams that I had would come true over the next few days when I was 12. At that time my parents told me a story of how when I was 2 years old I anticipated a car accident and saved my life by insisting on sitting in the front seat of the car instead of in my car seat that saved my life just minutes later. They told me it was as if a spirit was in my ear telling me what to do. As I got older I became aware of getting messages from spirit that guided me and those around me on a regular basis. The psychic input became so frequent and intense that it overwhelmed me for many years. When I began to do energy work on my etheric body and chakras I gained better control of my abilities.