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Sharifah Hardie, best known as Ask Sharifah, is a consultant, psychic, teacher and advisor. She has over 20 years of experience in reading for people.

Sharifah is understanding and easy to talk to. Due to her life experiences she can provide practical help without judgement on many different topics. Because Sharifah is well rounded she is not limited to one area of expertise.

Sharifah’s grandmother was psychic, along with Sharifah’s mother who also gives readings for people. On a personal level Sharifah helps her clients make positive changes in their lives. She can read on career, love, finances or many other topics.

Sharifah uses her gifts, skills & abilities to help her clients. Rather than facing the unknown alone start working with Sharifah now! Don’t Wait!

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Sharifah Hardie is known for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. You will walk away from your reading with more guidance, insight and positive information to help you make better decisions.

More About Me


20 years.





All Specialties & Abilities:

Angel Cards
Angel Messages
Card Reader
Career / Work
Energy Sender
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I became an intuitive advisor because I realized that there were so many people who needed someone to take an objective, compassionate, non-judgmental look at their situation and offer guidance, support and love.

Here is why you should get a reading with me:

You should get a reading from me because I can help you answer many of the questions that you have been wrestling with. Too often we already know what to do and just need confirmation or we don’t know what to do and we need advice. Either way Sharifah is going to provide you with all of the love, support and assistance you need!

Be Prepared! Here’s what you should do before our reading:

Before our reading you should focus on the question that you really want answers to. Be clear on the question, so I can help you be clear on the answer!

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