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Hello, I am an intuitive, empathic, psychic and tarot reader and Spiritual advisor, connecting with you through your soul and providing insight to assist you to better your life path, take control of your life and direct yourself towards wholeness of the Spirit, recover your own creative powers and using the sacred connection we have to our higher purpose. I will help you to undergo an emotional cleansing process and connect you with your heart centered awareness.

Spiritual Cleansing
I will help you remove negative interference and strengthen your energy, influences, frequencies can be cleared and released from your life to return to your control. Take your power back. A spiritual alignment by aligning your heart with your true potential will help sustain your connection to who you are beyond all distractions. Energy extends over time and distance.

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Within the first moment when you and I connect, I am able to sense your energy and your presence, I will ask you how I can assist you? Further within this question, I can then sense and feel your soul situation, and am able to see what you require to bring your situation to a conclusion.

I use my intuitive, psychic skills to feel your energy to help you also to help yourself, we all have free will, using affirmations that are specific to your heart energy, the heart is the portal of creation in harmony with your intentions.

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18 years.






Student in Metaphysical and Alchemy
Certificate in Emotional Frequency Therapy

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This is what happens when I communicate with spirits of those who have passed:

What I have found is that when spirit come through as in they try to get my attention, it always is meant to be done in a respectful manner, you can’t just go into some people’s home and wander through their house, so they notify me by a short ring or a tingle in my left ear, as soon as I acknowledge their presence or message, they either appear or I hear them or smell them. The type of contact from spirit depends on the matter at hand. I see Spirit people the same way I see you, there are those who are often simply going by their own paths, I will only intervene if I am asked either by them or by you. I always ask if they would like to find their way back to Source or if they need closure. Love and compassion and respect is very important.