About Me

My gifts come naturally to me, I have developed and perfected them over time. I love sharing my gifts with people and making a difference in the world. Spirit brings messages to me through different cards, I also use a pendulum for clarity. Along with reading cards I do remote healing and energy clearing as directed by the Spirit, I use crystals to enhance healing and change the energy in the situation at hand.

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Session Type:

by Telephone

in Person

The Deal:

Ask first question for free through text. Response will be texted back within 24 hrs.

What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

In your first phone reading the client will receive clarity about the situation they are inquiring about. They will receive guidance on how to proceed through the situation they are inquiring about. My goal is to give my clients a peace of mind and understanding of the situation they are going through.

More About Me


45 years.





All Specialties & Abilities:

Astral Energy
Card Reader
Energy Sender
Life Success Coach
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Pets / Animals
Spiritual Guide

Here’s how I’ll perform your reading when we connect:

I’ll ask Spirit if He has a message for you in my cards, if so what deck does he want me to use. I’ll shuffle as directed then I’ll use my pendulum to see which cards are for you. It will sometimes take a moment or two for the message to come through, so please be patient if I’m quiet for a second or two I’m listening to Spirit. When I finish a deck I always ask if there are more messages and if so what deck am I supposed to use. Spirit will let me know when I’m through delivering the message.

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

I first learned that I was an empath when other people or animals would get hurt and I would pass out. My family always teased me because I didn’t need to see blood to make me pass out. As I grew older I noticed other things in my body that other people were feeling, I started asking Spirit what this was as I learned to quiet my mind and pay attention I was shown things about people and animals, especially dogs. Spirit uses repetitive signs of things to show me messages. Once the signs are acknowledged the symptoms go away.