About Me

I am very UNIQUE MYSTIC ANGELIC MIDWIFE, highly intuitive, very confidential & extremely broadminded Psychic, Medium and an Angelic ReikiI Master Teacher. I am a mother with two daughters, two sons, also a grandmother to four little girls. I worked as a NHS midwife for 13 years. I raised money via JUSTGIVING for SANDS THE STILLBIRTH & NEONATAL DEATH SOCIETY. I read Angel & Oracle cards, combined with use of a Pendulum often giving closurer & comfort to bereaved parents losing a baby or pregnancy. Also to anyone suffering from losing a loved one via messages I recieve from spirit world. Additionally I offer relationship advice or give direction and hope when people are lost or feel they have no one to share their worries to. As well as cards I utilise crystal ball, pendulum, Angelic Reiki healing energy & Spirit Guides, I conduct my reading over the telephone.

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SUBSCRIBE to my website for special offers and after your first half hour reading receive an email follow up and 50 percent of your second reading, make sure you give me your contact number or email address at the start of the reading, for this special offer deal to be given.

Get A Deal on a Reading:

What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

I aim to give you a reading that makes you feel satisfied & happy, also I wish to gain your loyal custom and trust. Primarily I will answer your questions to give you direction in life or clarity. When one is bereaved, I hope to give closure or hope, if I receive messages from a loved one in the spirit world. My readings should give answers that make you feel confident about life, relationships or career stresses. I want to rid you of anxiety & stress, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, focused and happier


More About Me


14 years.






I work for Skys’ Psychic Live TV & UKs’ Trusted Psychics. An Angelic Reiki Master & Teacher; this has astounded me after two people with days to live both defyed doctors & lived months longer following my channelling of amazing this healing angelic energy

All Specialties & Abilities:

Angel Cards
Angel Messages
Angel Therapy
Card Reader
Career / Work
Crystal ball
Deceased Loved Ones
Energy Sender
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Spiritual Guide

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

Age 15, woken by my grandads voice, I cried to my mam who questioned my psychic abilities after we found out he passed away before his voice in spirit woke me. She never disclosed the family history to me until years later, due to her bad experience. I spoke to a friend on the phone longer than she wanted making her miss a train that went on to crash. Once I changed dinner date plans abruptly which saved me and my family from being in a restaurant that was hit very badly by a nail bombing. But last year was so significant the dream I had about my sons friend knocking on my door covered in blood, made me warn him not to go out that day. Thankfully he stayed home as the boy got covered in blood in a horrific stabbing which I prevented my son getting involved in

Be Prepared! Here’s what you should do before our reading:

If you have any questions write them down, it may help me to know the birthdate of your self as well as the person you may be inquiring about. Clear your mind of thoughts and try to focus on your desired questions. You may want to record the reading, or make notes and you are most welcome, and have my permission to record our conversation. I would have tissues you may get emotional and tears may come if they do its good to cry once in a while the tears are better out than in. Try to have no background noise, kids screaming can be a diatraction for us both. Be in a safe place I personally do not recommend driving when having a reading, i always light a candle during my readings, this is not imperative for you to do but you may want to.

This is what I’ve done to develop my abilities:

I have studied a course in angel card readings with Doreen Virtue and additionally a course of Michelle Newtens. But my training in Angelic Reiki from practitioner to a Master Teacher was a very important goal for me it taught me lots of important information about grounding myself and also protection. It allowed me to develop my abilities to a very high standard as well as strengthening my communication with the angelic kingdom. I now channel amgelic energy when practicing Angelic Reiki I discovered lots about myself and after completing my Master Teacher course I became more confident in utilising Angel Energies in my therapies and readings.