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I have been doing tarot readings since 1977. I have done psychic fairs all over the northeast USA and have found the tarot to lend itself well for quick, accurate readings.

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Can answer your questions quickly and accurately using a card spread that utilizes both astrology and the tarot.

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40 years.






Many years experience with Connecticut psychic fairs all over the state. Also have done lectures and live television. Have 3 college degrees.

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Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

My psychic experiences started way back in my early childhood. At the age of 14 my mother gave me a deck of tarot cards and I memorized the cards and what they meant. In high school I read for the kids just about every day and got very, very good at it. Interest in my readings took off. More and more people heard about it and asked for me to read for them. I did my first psychic fair in April of 1979. I became a regular at monthly psychic fairs during my college years. When I graduated from college and started a professional career I had to keep a low profile as far as the readings went.