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I am a global spiritual Grand Master, with yogic powers. I have access to akashic records, and can see past, present and future. I can balance chakras and energy centers, cleanse auras, and answer all questions.

Since childhood I helped people from all walks of life, from celebrities to beggars. For many years I wandered India as a renunciate, immersed in super consciousness.

I helped, guided and awakened many people, including my disciples around the world. I currently donate my proceeds to feed orphans globally.

I am a Keen Blog Talk Radio host speaking as “Babaji the Caveman”. My focus is on sharing spiritual precepts as well as giving free live on air readings.

I am #1 on the Spiritual listing category on Keen. My numerous positive feedback are a testament to my service to others to help them find the answers they seek and give them peace of mind.


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I tune into your situation before you can ask me any questions. I see each client multi dimensionally, and can read thoughts, feelings and intentions right away.

I very quickly assess your concerns, and give you solution oriented remedies through my ancient prophetic visions and wisdom from akashic records, which are dead on accurate in absolute truth.

I do not use or rely on any tools. I am not an astrologer, nor am I a teacher. I transform people’s lives powerfully through my yogic powers.

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50 years.




I am a Spiritual Grandmaster and helped luminaries such as Mother Teresa and others. I guide my non profit organization for the benefit of orphans globally.

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Life Coach
Compatibility Advice
Energy Sender
Life Path
Love Psychic
Money / Finance
Past Lives
Spiritual Guide

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?

As a yogi, I am always immersed in super consciousness. I am one with everything. I can feel each person’s emotions, thoughts and intentions.

Since most people find these gifts intimidating, I often shield them from others and only show them when I feel that they are able to handle them.

My presence is very powerful. People have experienced transformation simply by having my association.

I am always giving, even when I am not actively doing so, because that is who I am. My power lies within the uniting force of laughter, love and light.