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About Me

I strongly believe that I was doing oracle work in my last lifetime…it feels so natural! My life since birth has been saturated with divine encounters. As my gifts fermented, I became the go-to person in my circles of peers for advice and clarity of all sorts!. I would speak of things I had no way of knowing about, and word of mouth led to private, professional readings and healing work…the rest is history! Its safe to say I didn’t choose this line of work…it chose me! I feel blessed and highly honored to be appointed by The Universe to assist in guiding others on their paths of life. I am a walking elixir of wisdom, creativity. and ethereal clairvoyance… three, perhaps four generations spiritually seasoned.

When I am not divining, I am servicing my other talents as a visual artist, automatic writer, lyrical dancer, and jazz poet!

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Thank you for appointing me to be your guiding light! In gratitude of your choosing me to serve as your oracle, I will offer 50% off of any of my hand-crafted, signature readings that you will find on my website, www.poeticallymused.org/windsongkraaloforacles/html!

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I am a woman summoned by many names…divine messenger, prophetess, medicine woman, oracle, mystic counselor, and voice of reason. While not the most orthodox card in the deck, I specialize in helping people balance their energies, identify and get rid of blockages, decode dream and waking life symbols, understand pets, repair auras, and of course, guidance in love. I listen ,feel and bring clarity with truth, compassion, universal love, humor,wisdom, and straightforward tough affirmations in an organic, cosmic, poetic flow. I also offer practical solutions and self-healing techniques to keep you on your path to inner peace! Let’s talk!

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9 years.






Priestess of Oya
5 Star Rank on Zodiac Psychics
B.A Mass Communications Media Study
B.A. Theatre Arts
Published Author
Grassroot Film Producer

All Specialties & Abilities:

Angel Cards
Angel Messages
Astrology Charts
Automatic Sacred Writing
Card Reader
Compatibility Advice
Crystal Healing Stone Therapy
Deceased Loved Ones
Dream Analyst
Energy Sender
Life Path
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Name Analysis
Past Lives
Pets / Animals
Shell/Bone Readings
Spiritual Guide

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I am an old soul, and third, perhaps fourth generation seer from both sides of my family tree! I was literally born for this work! No matter what odd job I worked on the way to becoming a full time intuitive advisor, I was still doing this work in random moments. The Universe brought me affirmations through gifts of spiritual tools passed down from wise elders, and those who walked this road before me…When the time in my life came, the Creator/Creatoress literally closed the doors to all other life and career paths but this one! It is the most natural but supernatural thing I have ever experienced, and with every reading, every person I am able to reach, I am further affirmed and deeper in love with my life’s purpose! My entire life is divination and creation, and I love it!

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?:

Life with these abilities is a wonderful experience, but it requires a lot of discipline and responsibility! It is a life of humility and constant discovery, a balance of wisdom and yearning. Staying aligned and in tune with nature and the quasars is imperative, and much must be sacrificed in the area of dieting! It is living with patience with others who may not be as balanced, and constant mastery of self. Peers and places of dwelling must be chosen carefully, and being misunderstood must be taken with a grain of salt! It is a life through ethereal eyes, and time with nature is so peaceful! Living on a high spiritual vibration teaches to savor every moment of life, and to trust the gifts given by the spiritual powers that be. My gifts saturate every fiber of my being, from my day to day interactions with people to writing! Love.

Be Prepared! Here’s what you should do before our reading:

Before you get a reading from me, you should:

1. Meditate on receiving the answers you need for your best path, understanding they may not be the answers you want to hear.

2. Write your questions down. I do not give health diagnosis nor predictions of demise.

3. Be prepared to be proactive in taking actions for positive change, based on the answers given…faith without works is as a bow without a string. It keeps the arrow still.