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Certified clinical hypnotherapist and nationally certified life coach. I am here to guide your healing journey. Throughout your journey, I will encourage you and guide you toward the possibilities of healthier living. I have seen results in clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress as we address the body as a whole. Focusing on emotion release first you notice a shift within the area of pain held in the body be it physical or emotional.

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What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

We can identify what is causing pain in your body or mind and determine whether that pain is yours or someone else’s. We will then take you back to that moment and resolve the conflict and heal the current pain. This can be done for humans and animals living or past.

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25 years.





All Specialties & Abilities:

  • Card Reader
  • Chakra
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Empath
  • Energy Sender
  • Life Success Coach
  • Oracle
  • Past Lives
  • Pets / Animals
  • Spiritual Guide


  • Energy Clearing
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Life Coach
  • Homeopathy therapist
  • Forensic Healing
  • Craniotomy-sacral therapist
  • Chakra Balance

This is what happens when I communicate with spirits of those who have passed:

When I communicate with spirits I take on the emotions they are feeling. I am then able to better understand what they are trying to communicate with us. Most often it is a message they have been trying to bring to your awareness and you haven’t consciously picked up on it. We will hold that space with your ancestors or friends until their message is complete.

This is what makes getting a reading with me a unique experience:

A reading with me is unique as I am able to pick up on messages that you have been overlooking. These messages need to come to you and many times it can feel as if there is a bit of “haunting” until you take the time to receive those messages. Often when we don’t understand that this communication is for our higher good it can feel heavy and unsettling. We shift that to an understanding and clear the energy around that feeling.

Here’s how I’ll perform your reading when we connect:

When we connect I will ask you a few questions to set the intentions for our time together. I will then hold space with you until I get a clear reading on what ever our topic is. I will ask for confirmation as we proceed to be sure those things I am reading resonate at some level with you and to your understanding. We can move at a pace you are comfortable with until you feel our session is complete.

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