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I’m an Intuitive Crystal Empath, a healer, a teacher and an author. I’ve counseled hundreds of people from around the world – the business person looking for more clarity, the individual looking to create a more satisfying life, as well as those experiencing all of life’s basic situations.

I am the mother of 2 grown children, 2 grandsons and a funny and loving 3 yr. old PittBull named Siri.

My mission in providing your reading is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love, acceptance, and support to those seeking guidance. As an Intuitive Crystal Empath I am able to tap into your energy and help guide you and give you the best advice to my ability. Each reading is a reflection of your path in that moment. You have free will if you do not like the path you are on you have the ability to change it.


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The Deal:

  • Two Times a year I offer a sale on my readings – Spring and Fall Equinox. The next sale will be released on September 20-24, 2017. One hour Reading for $100 (the price of a 30 minute reading)
  • Please join my mailing list to stay updated on the sales, or keep an eye on my website.
  • I do readings for you either on the phone, in person, on chat, through email, or even video call.
  • On the phone, I offer 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one-hour readings.
  • Email or text I offer 1, 2 or 3 question readings at a less expensive rate.
  • I also have a variety of courses I offer, and have some new online courses on Chakras, Crystals and Tarot coming soon!


Get A Deal on a Reading:

What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

A new customer will get a sense of relief and clarity to the issues they are working with. I am able to actually “sit” in another person’s energy and be able to tell you why a specific person acts, talks, or response in a particular way. This has always been a great help and comfort to my customers.

I also help determine which direction will be a better outcome for you. We each have free will choice. However, I am able to look at the 2-3 options and let you know what you can expect down each of those paths.

More About Me


20 years.





All Specialties & Abilities:

Card Reader
Career / Work
Dream Analyst
Life Path
Money / Finance
Past Lives
Pets / Animals
Spiritual Guide


  • Crystal Therapist certified by National Association of Holistic Wellness in 2007
  • Radio appearances, many found on YouTube
  • Coloring Book Designer, “Coloring for Your Soul Series”
  • Author of Psychic Journal with Coloring Meditations
  • Teacher of courses on chakras, crystals and tarot, some of which will be released online in Fall 2017

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

At age 32 I was going through a divorce and impulsively bought my first tarot deck. I was searching for any help or answers I could find to try to save my marriage, or at least understand what the future held for me. I still hadn’t realized that I had any psychic ability. I would shuffle the cards and lay them out finding that the cards displayed only confirmed the information I already felt or knew was true.

I did readings for my daughter’s friends while she was in college. After I met my now son-in-law, he asked me to do a reading for him. I started talking and he sat quietly giving no feedback. Afterwards, he went out to have a cigarette and asked my daughter why she had told me those things about him. Her response back was, I told my mom none of those things.

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?

People think we can read your minds, we can’t. But I can certainly read energy very quickly. I can feel every person around me as well as any person they are asking me about.

As I have gotten older and more in tune with my abilities, I find myself needing to take better care of my psychic hygiene. If I am not properly taking care of me, I can go into a grocery store, or a mall feeling all happy and great. Then all of a sudden, depending on the people in the place, I have had experiences where I want to cut my wrists or walk out of stores angry or in tears for no apparent reason. However, the real reason is that I am an energetic sponge and I feel YOU as if it is me.

This is what makes getting a reading with me a unique experience:

I’m very straightforward. That doesn’t mean I am rude or mean. It only means that I am not going to tell you a fairy tale. I am going to be honest.

My delivery is very caring and nurturing. I’m not going to beat you up, but I will try to help you dig a little deeper within yourself to help you have the needed “aha” moment that you have come for.

My readings are also light hearted. I love to laugh, and I want you to be comfortable and enjoy your time with me. Because of my connection with the guides, 90% of the time I don’t know what I am going to say until I say it. I hear it when you do. And let me tell you, sometimes the way the guides talk can be a bit off color and funny – but a lot of fun too!

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