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Hi! This is KUPO from Taiwan. I am the only one reader of real Chinese I-Ching on Oranum, the oldest fortune-telling oracle in the world with over 6,000 years old. Through my reading, you may know the present conditions, the processes and the results of the things you want to know. You will see how accurate, unique and amazing I-Ching represented to you. Additionally, one of my specialties is to heal energy (karma removal) by reciting Sutra and mysterious spells. I’m also expert at Chinese Bazi (reading by your DOB) and Feng Shui (to adjust and promote the aura of your living space.)

Just visit me, you will love to talk with me and find an excellent consulting channel to deal with your future, love, relationship, finance, job, health… anything related to you.

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I-Ching is rather different and unique in the western world. But it is the most profound and mysterious book in the whole Chinese history. You can try it by reading by me and you will be astonished at its accuracy.

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25 years.




English, Chinese, Japanese


Both Bachelor and Master degrees in National Chung Shing University, Taiwan

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Career / Work
Chinese Numerology
Deceased Loved Ones
Dream Analyst
Energy Sender
Life Path
Lost People / Objects
Money / Finance
Name Analysis
Spiritual Guide