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Hello, This is Laurie. Be sure to write down the information before we speak and take notes. You will have plenty of insights and questions. When you come here you enter another world that is especially tune into your life. I am a clairvoyant, psychic readings, tarot and those loved ones who have passed. Since childhood, I have established these humble gifts to offer to others in their quest for answers. I can see years ahead 7to 10 years in advance of what lies ahead in the future. You will be surprised at the results. I am humbled by many of you that have thanked me and told me how it has helped your lives. I am direct and to the point but do not forget quick answers leave details out of the picture for you must be prepared. Let start now and keep you ready for anything in life.

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25 years.






Degree Counselor, Training in Hypnosis. Scholarship Award training of University New Mexico in health offers alternative and complementary therapies. Ordained Minister and copmpleted training. 7 years and still continues as outreach counselor for food bank, empowering the homeless and low income population.

All Specialties & Abilities:

Compatibility Advice
Deceased Loved Ones

Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

Since a child at the very young age of 7. I started to hear and see things and this became very intuitive. I thought maybe my mind was just being silly. Soon, dreams and voices would instinctively tell me something was about to happen. Seeing my sibling in a wreck. I ran to her to warn her and she was not worried. I ran to everyone try and cried stop her from leaving. That night the wreck. Then the premonitions increase. I heard much more people that passed on in life trying to communicate with me. People I have never met. It was hard to get this under control in my mind, the voices. Eventually, people keep hearing about me through media and newspapers and sought me out for missing persons, predictions of floods and more. I eventually accepted offers of payment for my services to help people, conventions with business companies.