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I acknowledge the fact that i was blessed at a young age with many abilities in order to help people heal, whether due to grief, guilt or life’s struggles in general. I would compare my gift to being a “hospice in reverse,” bringing many people peace in their lives over the years.

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I have been a life coach for many friends and aquantances , a meditation specialist and love expert, i have devoted my life to helping others find peace while here on this plane. I handles all of my clients with an open heart, respect and professionalism. I have helped many along their spiritual journey, on all aspects and feels that everyone’s journey is part of my own. I offer Psychic Intuitive readings to help others deal with current life decisions and struggles, as well as what may lay before them.

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12 years.






Certified life coach, i am wiccan as my religion and also have preminitions.

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Card Reader
Career / Work
Deceased Loved Ones
Energy Sender
Life Path
Lost People / Objects
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Name Analysis

This is what happens when I communicate with spirits of those who have passed:

My expert readings incorporate messages from deceased loved ones, who may also add insight to your life choices and bring comfort, validation and guidance from the spirit side.

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