About Me

I am a born clairsentient, who uses the tarot to divine profound understanding for you. Often, at the end of an in-depth reading, there is an ah-ha! moment where everything comes together as if by magic! As I listen to you, I see images that connect me to you and the subject of your reading, I feel characteristics of people and sense the overall condition. As the reading continues, understanding becomes deeper and I receive more specific messages for you. I love giving in-depth readings for clients with a specific concern, as well as for those who wish me to look at the general state of things, and how they are affecting the situation. One of my favorite things to do is to teach clients how to tap into their own divine knowledge and understand how to bring the positive into their lives.

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What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

During the first ten minutes, I use Tarot to see and understand core dynamics of your concern, and how you and others are affecting the situation. When I hear you speak, I receive messages in the form of images that connect me to you and the reading. As we move forward, I see, feel, and understand details of the reading and characteristics of people involved. In closing, I connect the dots of all revealed to provide you with profound understanding and options. It is my intention to help you feel better, clearer, and more confident, with deep understanding.

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15 years.






I have an M.F.A., a background in psychology, and am an expert in understanding symbols. This fall I will become a certified Reiki Practitioner.

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Card Reader

Here’s the reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I became a professional reader because this is the way I stay connected to the divine, and because my psychic gifts serve no purpose unless they are shared. These gifts exploded after I was able to pour love and patience into a terrifying situation because of a psychic warning I received. The warning allowed me to be a conduit for healing instead of pain. All relationships and all we do serves a purpose: we need to understand the purpose, develop trust, and move either forward or away into our divine path with gratitude and confidence.

My goal in reading for clients is to provide each person with a deep understanding and the truth as it is revealed to me. By reading for others, my gratitude for divine understanding and my ability to receive and express psychic knowing is strengthened every moment. What a wonderful gift to give and receive.