About Me

I have been blessed with gifts of spiritual power, but it is my presence that generates the benefit of speaking with me. I will be led to the answers you seek, and my leadership provides the gentle nudging and encouragement that will make your day, and your life. I possess a unique blend of sight and insight. I have dedicated my life to being a vessel for love and light to shine through. I can see your past, I can see your future, but with the many spiritual tools I have collected over two decades of service, I will help you enjoy and maximize your present. I can always answer your short term questions, but please take advantage of my skill to assist you with your life path, giving existence to both your solutions and your direction.


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As an added benefit to your quest in seeking solutions for your life, I have had a doctorate in Finance and Economics for 22 years since the age of 26. There are always money topics in your life and I possess a unique blend of financial and spiritual knowledge and wisdom that can serve you well.

More About Me


24 years.






Master Certified in Law of Attraction
Certified Life Coach
Certified in Ho’oponopono Energy Cleansing Technique
Certified in NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming)

All Specialties & Abilities:

Life Coach
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Deceased Loved Ones
Dream Analyst
Energy Sender
Life Path
Life Success Coach
Lost People / Objects
Love Psychic
Money / Finance
Spiritual Guide

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I became a professional reader because I absolutely love the opportunity to touch someone’s life. Sure, I can provide a reading and answer a client’s question. However, I literally live for those moments when I can motivate a subtle shift in thinking that can change someone’s trajectory for the better.