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With no more than first names, I can quickly pick-up on your situation and delve into your reading. We can establish a connection and begin sorting through your circumstances with clear, and direct guidance.
Illuminating the issues beneath the layers, I can give you a clear direction on what you can do and what you can expect to come.
Giving the answers, you seek, regarding your relationships/marriage, career/finances, life path and more; with the help of the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe.
As an Empath, I can describe what I am feeling/sensing from conducting your reading, providing unique interpretation.
Act today and take control of your destiny.


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I can quickly pick-up on your situation and delve right into your reading. I am detailed and will give a clear understanding of your situation, choices, and possible outcomes.

I am direct and can provide you with insight and guidance along your life path, with clarity and empathy.

I am repeatedly told by my clients of my accuracy, and I pride myself on genuine connections to one’s energy and to Spirit, that allows me to explore your journey and provide the answers to your questions along the way.

More About Me


27 years.






Multi-Generational Intuitive. I have practiced Tarot cards for 34 years and Runes for 23, developing and honing my skills along the way. I have been a Psychic on popular websites since 2002. I have conducted tens of thousands of professional readings over the last 23 years.

All Specialties & Abilities:

Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Life Path
Love Psychic
Love Tarot

Here’s the reason I became an intuitive advisor:

My Intuitive gifts came at a very early. I explored it as I grew, but followed society and found a “normal” career.
In my early 20’s I read for friends and began discovering how accurate and I was, time and time again. I began paid readings and continued to work in the business world until my early 30’s. By then, it was blatantly evident that this is what I needed to be doing. Once I began reading for everyone and working on some popular sites, this became my true career.
Reading and sharing insight comes from the bottom of my soul.