About Me

I am a spiritual guidance counselor anointed by God Almighty. God Almighty has introduced the truth of reconciliation to the world. This way you come to alignment while seeking the truth of your journey whether it be to get a better insight on your issues at hand or whether to get to the next stage of your life I am a skilled reader and will help you on your way.

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What can we accomplish in your first 10 minute reading?

All readings with detailed advice and help to see the problems in your life. I promise to give the best reading that my spiritual guides lead me to. I look to assist you on your journey to enlightenment and to help while you seek what is right in your day to day life. I am very upfront about everything and do not sugar coat anything because it is not necessary and everyone should know the truth.

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1 years.






1 year in reading, ten years in ministry and 14 years enlightened

All Specialties & Abilities:

Card Reader
Life Coach
Spiritual Awareness
Spiritual Guide

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?

I am able to hear the unseen realm talk to me about things we should all know. I am able to teach people how to hear also. I can guide people through their journey while unseen talk to them so they can understand that we all are suppose to be able to communicate.

Here is why you should get a reading with me:

The reason I feel you should get a reading with me is because I am anointed and have angels around me that guide me to helping you out in situations regarding, love, spiritual journey and courage within the realm while going through. When I went through I had no clue to what was happening to me but afterwards I began understood. Not even the people around me could tell me and now I understand so much more.

Be Prepared! Here’s what you should do before our reading:

Before we prepare for the reading first make sure you have read my ad in its entirety. Come with a open mind and ask the question that you truly want to know even though we give you thorough detailed readings anyway unless you just want the one question asked then you just say so. We give you exact what you need to guide you and confirm what you probably already have been feeling so that you know that you are on the right track or that your feelings are definitely correct. Please do not add your feeling just ask your question and you should be able to confirm the answer within.