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Sean has been with PsychicNetworkers for over a decade. He has taken a very unique path to get to us, starting with visits from his dead brother when he was just 12 that led to the discovery of a family secret! Sean is a super-sensitive who has encountered true evil energy in his endeavors to help others. He’s survived it all, and grown to become stronger than ever!

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22 years.






Member of the national association of Psychics. Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical studies. Psychic of the year 2012-2015.

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Here’s how I first discovered I had special abilities:

My gifts came as a complete surprise to everyone in my family, or so I thought.

When I turned 12, strange things started happening. First I started being visited my by older brother, who had passed away in a tragic accident 3 years earlier. It felt natural to me, we would talk and kid each other just like we did when he was alive.

Next I started having dreams about things that would come true the very next day. That sort of scared me at first, and anyone I told didn’t believe me. So I began to write down my dreams right away, and when my parents started to finally realize what was happening, they tried to cover it up. I think it scared them more than anything.

It was hard… for about a year I had to keep everything to myself, even as my visions grew more and more powerful. I started getting premonitions of what was about to happen even when I was awake. It started getting out of control, and I became quite ill.

This was when my grandmother stepped in. It turns out she too was psychic, and had gone through exactly what I was going through when she was about the same age. She was able to help me focus my energies so I could gain control of my psychic abilities. She helped me understand how my abilities were a gift that came with a great responsibility to help others.

She passed away a couple of months later. At first she would visit me quite regularly, continuing to help me develop my psychic skills. Eventually she came to me less frequently. I still get visitations from her occasionally, every 2 or 3 years.


This is what I have done to develop my abilities:

After my grandmother passed away, I started trying to learn everything I could about the metaphysical world. I was lucky to live a 15 minute bike-ride from a new-age bookstore, where I became very interested in the Tarot and Numerology.

During summers in high-school, I had a part-time job at the store as a sales clerk. Eventually, I started giving readings there and had such a following that they set me up with my own reading room.

I’ve always continued learning… there is so much information that it is impossible for any one person to obtain it all, but it’s my mission to try!

Here’s what happens when I communicate with spirits who have passed:

I find that when I open the doors of communication to reach through to the other side, much more comes out then I can sometimes handle.

The last time I tried communicating with the spirit of someone who had passed, things went pretty bad. My client asked me to connect with her husband who had died 10 days earlier. I immediately connected to him, and started sharing messages between husband and wife. It was as amazing, emotional and humbling as ever to act as a final link between two people whose love was broken by death.

However, about 5 minutes into the reading, I felt a sudden rush of dark energy. What I understand happened was several dark-spirits “piggy-backed” on my connection to the other-side, and entered our world un-invited. I broke my connection, but it was too late.

I know the dark spirits did a lot of damage in our world. Within 24 hours, there were 2 murders and 4 other deaths in our small town that hadn’t seen a murder in over a decade!

I decided at this point not to attempt to connect the other side. I do still talk to spirits… mostly those who have recently died and are still hanging around. They come to me and I try to help.