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As a psychic, it’s my honor and privilege to help people. For the past ten years, I’ve been in the business of not only providing psychic advice to my clients but actually seeing them grow, thrive and prosper after utilizing the advice I’ve given. And that’s the best part about my job. To be blessed with seeing the people who came to see me live better lives because of the advice I gave them. And I’d love to do the same for you. You only have one life. Take advantage of the chance you’ve been given to make it the best life ever! Do you have questions that need answers? Do you want a better life for your family? Do you want success in your career? How about your health? I can help with that and so much more. Book an appointment with me today! You’ll be glad you did!


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My spirit guides and I will get to the heart of the matter quickly regarding your question. We’ll figure out the real issue behind the concern and give rock solid answers on how to best proceed from there to get you living your best life!

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10 years.






I am a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma.

All Specialties & Abilities:

Card Reader
Career / Work
Compatibility Advice
Deceased Loved Ones
Energy Sender
Life Path
Life Success Coach
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance
Spiritual Guide

The reason I became an intuitive advisor:

I’ve always been a good listener. I find people infinitely fascinating. I love listening to people and hearing their stories. And boy do they have stories! From a very early age, I found people would gravitate towards me and quite naturally tell me their stories. It’s not something I would advertise or broadcast. People would naturally find me and start talking to me. And I’d have answers for them. And when they left my presence they always felt like a great weight was lifted from their shoulders. So when I discovered I had psychic gifts, that natural gift of being a good listener made my evolution into a full-time psychic easier. I am called to use my gifts to help people. And I can think of no higher calling in the world.


This is what I’ve done to develop my abilities:

Practice, practice, practice. I know that seems very elementary (it is), but it’s also true. The only way to get better at being a psychic is to practice. Practice, practice, practice. There’s an old joke that goes something like, “A man was walking along the streets of New York City, seemingly lost. He finally stopped a well-dressed man and asked him, ‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall?’ The well-dressed man said, ‘Practice, practice, practice.'” And I take that to heart. I try to spend time in spirit each and every day. Meditating. Talking to spirit. Keeping those lines of communication open so it’s easier to connect to that energy when I have a client. Any psychic worth their salt will tell you natural ability will only get you so far. In order to succeed in anything, we must practice. And so I do.


This is what makes getting a reading with me a unique experience:

I’m all about empowerment. I like to empower people to take control of their own lives and their own destinies. When you get a reading from me, you’re also getting the encouragement to go out there and conquer the world. You will leave a session with me feeling as if you can do anything, be anything and you’ve had the tools inside you all along to make your dreams a reality. Who doesn’t want that in their lives? That’s what makes my readings special. No matter what your question is, we’ll get to the bottom of it. And then we’ll use that information to come up with a plan and then put that plan into action to solve your problems. After a session with me, you will feel empowered because you ARE empowered.


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