About Me

‘Fantasy Verses Reality’ and now you are talking to Me.
I am a no non-sense reader and I imbue compassion but I deal with the truth. When I am reading for you I listen to what is going on around you and it tells me about things
in your inner thoughts … they will then start filtering out thru the cards. When you call me you can tell me your name and birth-date. I will start to pick up information from there as I shuffle. You can relax, when I read for you, I will show you many situations going on in your current life, work and finances.
Each time we read we will get a further sense of Clarity’,Direction & your future Goals. I will always give
you my extension to call me back. I value your presence will remain available for you to reach me… Pacific Time Zone.


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My objective is to let you see your ‘Current situation, before we talk I would like for you to sit still for a few minutes and relax. If you open your mind I will pick up your situation and the cards will describe your challenges/opportunities along with the advice concerning about what to do with the daily effects as well as what is coming soon . From there I can explore the details and some of the timing. This way once you give me your name and birth date, you can sit back and listen as I unfold your story.

More About Me


49 years.






Understudy of Helene Bailey PHD Parapsychologist assoc’ w/SD Police Dept’ missing children.¬†Tarot w/ Sophia Loren

All Specialties & Abilities:

Angel Messages
Card Reader
Career / Work
Money / Finance

Want to know what it is like living with these abilities?

Being and Intuitive is a special skill the brain uses with ongoing development. There are times my intuition is really strong and I am delivering messages sent thru me. I do not turn it off…if spirit wants to speak to me I AM going to get the message and often in my dreams. This runs in my linage’.

When I was younger my senses would amaze relatives and they would say’ old soul, young body’ , As I got older they
said ‘I had a Keen’sense of knowing’ …now I study daily. Minds continually develop when we seek knowledge.