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My name is Tina, i`m a accurate medium with over a decade of experience helping others.I don`t judge, i`m honest and direct to help you regain peace when it`s lost.I care about my clients and want to help them . I`m a medium as well as a certified life coach. Let me help you through your journey , relationship, career , finance, any area of life.I can pick up on how others are felling around you. I can tell you how a close person to you is feeling and how to help the situation in a positive way.

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More About Me


15 years.






Certified life coach

All Specialties & Abilities:

Life Coach
Compatibility Advice
Life Path
Love Psychic
Love Tarot
Money / Finance

Here’s why I became an intuitive expert:

I became a professional reader to help others .I do this because I can help others see things that are missing in their view. I can give you a fresh opinion that will make sense of your life and ways to cope and change things . Not anyone can do this but a genuine medium .My goals are to enlighten and make others aware. We can come up with ways to excel in all areas of life. I will empower you!After I hang up with a client I feel good inside because I put them on the right track.

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